Search engines


I was going over the different search engines and decided to jot down my discoveries.

Unbiased search engines

  • Blekko makes money from its SEO tools. It does not promote web sites based on advertising.
  • Active Search Results (ASR)(about)They have lots of ads, but not ad sponsored search results.
  • Mojeek(about) Mojeek seeks to have an unbiased search engine and privacy. Yea for them!!
  • While Duck duck go is not ad free, they claim to be unbiased by the ads, and private.

Multiple search engines

These search engines get back results from multiple places. They include advertisements because the advertisements are part of the result set.

  • Dogpile will tell you which search engine(s) came up with the result.
  • does not promote links or ads based on payments.
  • Mamma clearly demarcates ads and web results.

Paid sites

Everyone knows these:

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