Common Skills That Successful Bankers Possess

Former chairman of an international bank based in Puerto Rico, Julio M. Herrera Velutini lives in Venezuela. With a quarter century of personal experience in the finance sector and a family background in banking that extends back more than 100 years across four generations, Julio Herrera Velutini is familiar with the skills necessary to become an accomplished banker.

An important characteristic that successful bankers share is tenacity when dealing with difficult situations. Successful bankers are disciplined, logical thinkers who understand that hard work and long hours over a prolonged period may be required to achieve a high level of success.

Additional traits that accomplished bankers have in common are confidence and a keen intellect. To make a profit, bankers may occasionally need to make independent decisions and trust their abilities to make choices that are in the best interest of their employers and clients. At the same time, they must be able to weigh the risks and benefits of investments.

Effective bankers should also possess a versatile set of social skills and know how to effectively build relationships. Having a positive, confident attitude that puts others at ease can be a significant advantage in building strong partnerships with clientele and colleagues alike.

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