5 Contemporary Artists That Make a Great Investment Proposition in 2021

Many wealthy individuals choose to invest in art, not just with the intention of making a tidy profit in the future, but with surrounding themselves with beautiful objects that bring them joy. Stories abound of masterpieces being rescued from the attic and going on to fetch millions at auction. In 2017, one art collector hit the headlines in the UK after a painting he purchased for just over $60 about 60 years prior turned out to be a da Vinci, selling for a record $450 million.

In the digital age, with buyers and sellers able to carry out due diligence in seconds via their mobile phones, stories like this one—with formerly undiscovered classic paintings commanding astronomical sums—are growing increasingly few and far between. However, for savvy investors, purchasing works by contemporary artists can be an excellent way of diversifying their asset portfolios, potentially generating impressive returns.

According to research from Deloitte, 72 percent of collectors were primarily driven by emotional returns, compared with 64 percent who were motivated by financial considerations. In this article, we look at five contemporary artists who are protected by the likes of Christie’s and Saatchi to represent a solid investment in 2021.

1. Harold Ancart

This esteemed Belgian artist staged his first exhibition in London at the David Zwirner Gallery. According to one review, the exhibition attracted several big-name collectors, keen to see his daring, abstract canvasses. Harold Ancart had set a new record at Christie’s two years previously, when his piece Triptych: Untitled sold for over $751,000, more than six times its top estimate.

Revered for his paintings and sculptural installations, Harold Ancart explains that he sees his exhibits not as a succession of objects to look at, but as tensions created between various zones of emptiness. Born in the Belgian capital, Brussels, Ancart attended Belgium’s prestigious École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels de La Cambre. His recent exhibitions have featured abstractions of landscapes and flowers, with a surrealist, sci-fi edge evocative of the American abstract expressionist, Clyfford Still.

2. Kevin Foote

Upon graduating from the Art Institute of Chicago, Kevin Foote relocated to Austin, Texas, opening up a small exhibition space and art collective. Foote subsequently relocated to Madison, Wisconsin, where he works as an independent artist.

Aurora Garrison, Associate Curator of Saatchi Art argues that Foote’s evocative brushwork is complemented by a subtle sense of surrealist detail that hints at a multilayered narrative. Kevin Foote explains that his work is inspired by the loveliness he finds in the flawed and commonplace, telling a story that leaves the viewer with a sense of awe.

3. Jordan Casteel

After graduating from Yale School of Art, Coloradan artist Jordan Casteel staged a solo show at New York’s Sargent’s Daughters Gallery. Her bold yet delicate portraits are inspired by a member of artists, including Alice Neel, Jacob Lawrence, and Kerry James Marshall.

A figurative painter with a keen focus on exploring the representation of black men in the present day, Jordan Casteel illuminates the inner lives of her subjects through individual and group compositions. Casteel explains that her perspective is one of empathy and love, seeking to reinterpret perceptions of what it means to be a black man in America today, as well as exploring the relationships between fathers, sons, cousins, and brothers.

4. Ashley Cole

Based in Los Angeles, California, Ashley Cole has earned a solid reputation as an exceptional artist with an unparalleled ability to paint energy, communicating feelings and emotions through texture. Her journey into the world of art began as a small child.

Starting as a pencil artist, she created works of art from sheer imagination, before falling victim to a serious accident. Defying all the odds, she became a fulltime paintbrush artist, taking pleasure in mixing different perspectives to create outstanding works of art.

Featured in Saatchi Art’s 2021 online art gallery, Cole is touted as a pacesetter whose strong, creative painting skills and analytical, detail-orientated approach have impressed some of the world’s most discerning art enthusiasts. Cole cites her main goal as uplifting and inspiring the viewer through texture and color.

5. Jonathan Ducrest

Born and raised in Switzerland, Jonathan Ducrest’s interest in photography was kindled when he was given a point-and-shoot camera as a gift from his parents as a child. Capturing the mountain views and dramatic scenery and atmosphere of his alpine environment, Ducrest’s early work predominantly explored imposing Swiss landscapes.

After moving to New York City in 1998, Ducrest switched focus to the architectural wonders of the metropolis. He subsequently relocated to Los Angeles to seek new photographic opportunities, honing-in on the landscape of the West Coast and its unique deserts and marine skylines.

Jonathan Ducrest’s discriminating eye, skill with arrangement, and movielike sensibilities have earned him a reputation as one of the most accomplished urban and landscape photographers working out of LA today.

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